Pine Creek Quail Hunt

Matt, Justin and I stepped out for a nice hunt up Pine Creek off highway 12 east of Lewiston. Sure wish there were more Quail in this picture.
3 Dudes, 3 Quail
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Coyote Hunt

Christian is in town for the Populi Christmas party, so we took him out for a little coyote hunt.


The kids memorized some verses for speech meet a while ago and decided to bust them out after dinner. And then Max sang.

This is the closest I’ve ever lived to my chickens

Finally finished the new coop and run. We started the flock over at my folks two years ago. We doubled the flock somewhere along the way. I’ve been making daily trips over there so it’s great to finally have them in the backyard. How cool is that hen crate? My neighbor has a bunch of those and let me borrow a couple for the move last night.